First off you are probably wonder what is up with all of this pug stuff.  Well I don’t have a pug and yet I want one.  I believe that is you really like something, or love something, then you can use that word in any form you would like.  Yes I understand this is not correct grammar.  But if I am not using this form of English in my classroom, then what is the problem really?  One of my favorite examples is using Kardashian for anything and everything.


Normal sentence: That ring is huge and gorgeous!

Other form: That ring is completed Kardashianed!


Normal sentence: Suck it up and change….

Other form:  Pug it up and change…


More to come….

Myself with a “borrowed pug” at the pet store.  Even though I’m not a huge fan of pet stores because I feel bad for the animals there, I do like to go and play with the little guys.  I usually play with a pug first, and then I ask them which puppy doesn’t get as much attention as the others and then I play with that one.  I have always loved pups that have the so ugly he is cute face, and I think pugs fit that statement perfectly.


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