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School has begun and my life has now been shifted.

I am running out the door to class, but I wanted to put one photo as a little preview of what my next post will be about. (which I hope to complete tonight!) ¬†So here it is and I hope you come back to read about the full story ūüôā

And no, this photo was not staged.  I was just very lucky with the shot.

until again, alc


Staying at Home Away from Home…

I am currently house sitting for my parents. ¬†I feel comfortable here at their home, which is really my home too, but it is different than my place. ¬†I live in an old house, I rent it with my roommate Kari, and we get along very well. ¬†We work together and live together, and yet we never get on each other’s nerves because we aren’t able to hang out much due to our very opposite schedules. ¬†One of these days I will be a teacher and work during the week…normal hours, and then have the weekends off for fun (and for writing lesson plans and grading my students’ assignments). ¬†While I am staying at my parents I am enjoying the perks: central air, fridge full of food, pups, super comfortable bed, garage, free range of the whole house, new washer and dryer, brand new SUV,¬†overall it is a super nice to be. ¬†Although I am beginning to realize how much a normal routine and the same “boring” actions are¬†reassuring. ¬†Being able to have some extra time (while at my own home) I am able to go and pick up any project that I have not completed yet and work on it. ¬†Or I can organize, clean, bake, or relax on the couch. ¬†While I am always welcomed and told many times by my parents to make myself at home, I noticed that I have become bored while house sitting. ¬†And it isn’t that I have nothing to do, or that I didn’t bring over things to work on (paintings, reading,¬†embroidering), but being at your house is a different feeling. ¬†It is similar to being on vacation. ¬†Each time I go on a vacation I am counting down the days to leave, and then once I am there I am loving my new¬†environment. ¬†Then after a few days I notice how I am starting to miss home, and how even though I don’t want to leave my vacation, I want the comfort of home too.

Where have you ever felt as if you were “home” when you were on vacation? ¬†I’ve only felt it in one other state besides Iowa….Does that mean if I move to this other safe spot I would be welcomed with open arms?

Here is a sweet good night from Evie the lizard and Gus Gus the toy Scottie.  Gus actually loves little Evie and is always very interested in her when she is out hanging out with me.

Off to bed…well at least I’m going to try to fall asleep.

Until again, alc