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School has begun and my life has now been shifted.

I am running out the door to class, but I wanted to put one photo as a little preview of what my next post will be about. (which I hope to complete tonight!) ¬†So here it is and I hope you come back to read about the full story ūüôā

And no, this photo was not staged.  I was just very lucky with the shot.

until again, alc


The students are Back

Living in a college town means a few things.  Football season is crazy and fun.  People bleed our school colors.  Our summers are the best because most of the college students go back to their hometowns.  And my family (my parents, my grandma, and my sister and her family) all live here.  We are locals.  When I finish school for the spring I stay here.  This is my home.  And I love it most of the time, but one of the big downfalls is what happens during the first few weeks of August every year.

Starting at the end of the summer each and every year the stores begin to put out their ads newspapers,¬†magazines, and¬†commercials¬†on TV, ¬†highlighting all the¬†necessary¬†items a student would need when they are moving into their dorm room or new apartment. ¬†Yes, I have to admit that I usually take a peek at these ads, and sometimes I even begin to ponder if I need that cute container, or that bright colored foot stool. ¬†But then I stop for a second and remember that, “Hey! I’m not a freshmen student.. And I know better. ¬†So the ads are put away, and my checking account stays in tact.”

Next item is because I work downtown with the public, I see a lot of people during my shifts.  I also work in a parking garage, so this means I end up dealing with some very nice and happy customers all the way to the down right cranky and mean ones.  Those are the customers who have lost their tickets and end up having to pay for a whole day of parking.  Which they are not pleased about.  This week alone I have had about 20 lost tickets for these new families, and there is nothing I can do besides smile and explain to them that it is $18 without a ticket.  Then I hand them a receipt and a business card to talk to my supervisors if they have an issue with the situation.

It is crazy how some people will always blame their mistakes on someone else. I overreact about somethings. And I get stressed out. ¬†And sometimes it is hard for me to let the little things go. ¬†I like to try and take or have more control in almost everything I do. ¬†I am working on this. ¬†I know that I need to take a deep breath and relax, but this is easier said than done. ¬†When I help these customers that end up yelling at me over something that I had no part in creating it makes me realize how silly it is when I overreact. ¬†Isn’t it odd how when we watch someone else do something (that we do possibly do too) we then notice how dumb they look, and this is one of the first steps to wanting you to change your ways….

Being a full time student (at least 17 hours per¬†semester) and working part time (at least 25 or more hours per week) I am busy. ¬†And I have to get a lot of work done in one week, or even in one day. ¬†So when I am stressed out I have my own individual ways to cope and to relax. ¬†I would much rather smile and be happy than be upset, frustrated, mad, or stressed. ¬†And here are some of the things I do to help calm me down ūüôā

Baking!  These are some awesome cake pops.

Riding the Harley

Enjoying the rainy weather…also known as my favorite weather of all time.

Watching sunsets with my family and friends. ¬†I love how the colors change within minutes…

Cooking! Here is Mexican Chicken Casserole (recipe to come soon!)

Playing with pups. (This is Kaiser my parents’ dog)¬†

Little Miss Evie my bearded dragon. 

My favorite flower in the world, the iris. 

More to come for my list.  What do you do to stay relaxed?

Until again, alc

Hamburger Cookies (make them for little ones or for big ones!)

I was lucky enough to make these in one of my summer classes this year, and I had a blast making them.  In my course we had to work with a partner and write a lesson plan and then teach it to our fellow classmates, as if they were actually the students in a grade between K-6.  Two of my fellow friends taught us (as 2nd graders) about assembly lines through making these cute and delicious treats. There was 7 of us in a row and each of us had a very important part to do in order to make the awesome finish product of the Hamburger Cookie.

Ingredients needed for Hamburger Cookies: 

  • Vanilla¬†wafer¬†cookies (these can be name brand, Nilla Wafers, or store brand)
  • White frosting (you can make your own homemade, or you can get it already made in¬†a can)
  • Food coloring (you will need red, yellow, and green)
  • Wax paper
  • Mint cookies (again, these can be name brand or store brand. Or another form of thin chocolate cookies would work)
  • Coconut flakes


  • Color the frosting red for ketchup, yellow for mustard, and orange (made out of yellow and red) for the cheese
  • Color the coconut flakes green for the lettuce (you can do this easily by putting the green food coloring into a baggie with the coconut flakes and shake it until the flakes are dyed green.
  • Next take one of the vanilla wafer cookies and put on the red frosting on the cookie. ¬†(This will be the bottom bun)
  • Then place the thin mint chocolate cookie on top of the red frosting.
  • Add the yellow frosting on top of the cookie.
  • Place the green coconut flakes on the yellow frosting.
  • Take a new vanilla wafer cookie and put the orange frosting on one side of the cookie. ¬†Make sure you put the frosting on the flat side, because the rounded side will need to be on the very top for the round bun.
  • After you have put the orange frosting on the “top” bun attach it to the rest of the hamburger cookie.

The layers can be mixed around depending on how you would like to create the cookie, and if you would like to add more or use less of some of the materials that is perfect too!  The best part about these adorable cookies is that you can change them to fit you, or the people creating/eating them.  On the internet there are a lot of different recipes on how to create these.  For example when I made them we used green frosting as the lettuce, but when I make them again I will use green coconut flakes instead.

You can also make these yummy “french fries” to go along with the burgers. ¬†I have not made these yet, but here is how to make them. ¬†(I can’t wait to make these too!!)

Ingredients needed for French Fries:

  • 1 (10 ounce) package peanut butter chips
  • 1 cup sweetened condensed milk
  • Frosting dyed red
  • Paper muffin cup liners


  • Melt peanut butter chips with milk in the microwave, stir until smooth.
  • Then pour the mixture into a foil lined and greased 9 inch baking pan.
  • Let this cool completely at¬†room¬†temperature.
  • Lift out of pan and invert on a cutting board.
  • Remove the foil, and the cut the cooled mixture into about 3 inch by 3/4 inch strips.
  • Fold the cup liners in half (pressing out the creases) and then in half again. ¬†Point under, and then use this as the holder for the fries.
  • Add on some red frosting on top (or on the side) for some ketchup.

Here I am enjoying my burger! Yummy!


I didn’t make these fries, but I wanted to make sure to include a photo of them completed for a reference.


Enjoy making these, and post a photo if you do! I would love to see how you used this recipe as a starting point, and then what you did to make some changes.


Until again, alc

Fun Treats from the Past

I love making treats that are cute and tasty! 

In the past year I have begun to¬†appreciate¬†the Fourth of July a little bit more. ¬†I have always loved all the holidays…my favorite being Valentine’s Day¬†(yes insert some comment here about how it is a holiday made up by Hallmark, or how I must always have a boyfriend on this day and that is why I love it so much. ¬†Well that is false. ¬†There has been plenty of Valentine Days without a boyfriend, and each time I am as happy as I am with one. ¬†I don’t have to have someone giving me gifts or extra attention to feel loved and happy.) ¬†I love to decorate. ¬†I have items to set out for every holiday, and I wish I could have these awesome decorations out year round ūüôā

So this year for the Fourth of July I thought it would be fun to create something I first saw from Pinterest.  Where would we be without that website??  I saw this treat months before July, but I thought it would be something easy and adorable to make for my family and friends.  I took some photos of them while I was making them, and then after I was done, and posted them up on Facebook.  I received a lot of comments about them, and those who ate them fell in love.

Ingredients needed:

  • Strawberries (as many as you would like to use)
  • White Almond bark
  • Blue sprinkles
  • Wax paper

The how to’s:

  • Start by washing the strawberries and let them air dry, or dry them off with a paper towel or kitchen towel
  • Pour the blues sprinkles into a bowl
  • Put out wax paper
  • Melt Almond bark (put in up to four squares and melt for 30 seconds and then stir, continue this process until it is all melted)
  • Dip strawberry into the Almond bark, leave about a half an inch of the strawberry at top (this will be the red of the flag treat)
  • Then roll the end of the dipped strawberry into the blue sprinkles (this is the blue of the flag treat)
  • Then carefully place the strawberry on the wax paper to dry
  • After they are completed, keep them stored in the fridge (they will start to melt if they are out in the heat)
  • Then enjoy!

I think these are a wonderful treat to make and eat! ¬†They could be made for any holiday, just change the color of the sprinkles and maybe use chocolate Almond bark ūüôā

And the final product! ¬†Maybe I should make some more…they do look pretty good!

Until again, alc