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The students are Back

Living in a college town means a few things.  Football season is crazy and fun.  People bleed our school colors.  Our summers are the best because most of the college students go back to their hometowns.  And my family (my parents, my grandma, and my sister and her family) all live here.  We are locals.  When I finish school for the spring I stay here.  This is my home.  And I love it most of the time, but one of the big downfalls is what happens during the first few weeks of August every year.

Starting at the end of the summer each and every year the stores begin to put out their ads newspapers, magazines, and commercials on TV,  highlighting all the necessary items a student would need when they are moving into their dorm room or new apartment.  Yes, I have to admit that I usually take a peek at these ads, and sometimes I even begin to ponder if I need that cute container, or that bright colored foot stool.  But then I stop for a second and remember that, “Hey! I’m not a freshmen student.. And I know better.  So the ads are put away, and my checking account stays in tact.”

Next item is because I work downtown with the public, I see a lot of people during my shifts.  I also work in a parking garage, so this means I end up dealing with some very nice and happy customers all the way to the down right cranky and mean ones.  Those are the customers who have lost their tickets and end up having to pay for a whole day of parking.  Which they are not pleased about.  This week alone I have had about 20 lost tickets for these new families, and there is nothing I can do besides smile and explain to them that it is $18 without a ticket.  Then I hand them a receipt and a business card to talk to my supervisors if they have an issue with the situation.

It is crazy how some people will always blame their mistakes on someone else. I overreact about somethings. And I get stressed out.  And sometimes it is hard for me to let the little things go.  I like to try and take or have more control in almost everything I do.  I am working on this.  I know that I need to take a deep breath and relax, but this is easier said than done.  When I help these customers that end up yelling at me over something that I had no part in creating it makes me realize how silly it is when I overreact.  Isn’t it odd how when we watch someone else do something (that we do possibly do too) we then notice how dumb they look, and this is one of the first steps to wanting you to change your ways….

Being a full time student (at least 17 hours per semester) and working part time (at least 25 or more hours per week) I am busy.  And I have to get a lot of work done in one week, or even in one day.  So when I am stressed out I have my own individual ways to cope and to relax.  I would much rather smile and be happy than be upset, frustrated, mad, or stressed.  And here are some of the things I do to help calm me down 🙂

Baking!  These are some awesome cake pops.

Riding the Harley

Enjoying the rainy weather…also known as my favorite weather of all time.

Watching sunsets with my family and friends.  I love how the colors change within minutes…

Cooking! Here is Mexican Chicken Casserole (recipe to come soon!)

Playing with pups. (This is Kaiser my parents’ dog) 

Little Miss Evie my bearded dragon. 

My favorite flower in the world, the iris. 

More to come for my list.  What do you do to stay relaxed?

Until again, alc


Stop and Smell the Roses

I have never been one to continue a blog for more than a few posts.  I have begun a few different ones, from my artwork to even trying to keep my family updated on my life while I was living in Australia studying abroad…but no dice.  I was never ever able to keep them going.  This one I am going to try to make a change.  That is the whole idea of this blog, change.  My cousin actually inspired me to do this.  Unfortunately we live miles apart and are not able to see each other very often, but when we do it is as if we have spent everyday together.  We pick up on conversations about our lives easily, we slip into a comfortable routine, and we finish each other’s sentences quickly.  She is working on making some changes in her life from building a new house with her boyfriend to losing weight, and I began to analyze my life.

I am in my last year of school, I am 25, and I am trying to decide on where I want to begin my life as a teacher once I graduate in May.  I need to exercise more, cleanse my personal belongings and my insides, control my finances better, change some of my bad habits, and learn to slow down and smell the roses…. Here is to working on those changes

This photo is from a day walking through downtown Iowa City after one of my summer courses.  It is amazing how many people stared at me when I stopped to view the beauty in these perfect roses.  Why is it when you do something so natural as smelling a flower do other people act like it is something so odd to do….?


Until again, alc