Guess what…. I did it

I did exactly what I didn’t want to do. I started the blog.  I filled out the blog.  I reviewed the blog.  People read the blog.  I stopped writing the blog.  Why am I not surprised?  Oh yeah, because I have done this in the past…. although I have noticed that I use the excuse that I am too busy to update it.  That I forgot.  That I would rather take a nap, or do something else instead.  Although in the past when I have updated my blog I have felt more refreshed, more relaxed, and happier.  So why wouldn’t I continue this process to get this amazing outcome?

My cousin, who I have mentioned in before has a blog and a vblog and an esty account and pinterest and youtube and facebook and twitter and she updates them all the time. In addition to all of her digital world she is building a brand new home with her boyfriend, working, going back to school, and potty training a new puppy!! (talk about putting me to shame)  I know, I know, I work and go to school, but I want to use her as my yardstick for this blog.  She has themes for her days and I think that if i do this for a few days (even if I only post on those few days a week for now) it would be better than none at all.  Some of her themes are: Throw back, short stories, letters to her mom, weight lost, and her crafts. (Check out her blog at )

Some of my ideas for themes that would portray to my life are: Life as a 2nd Grader, Completing my to-do’s, Local Fun or Trying Something New, Flashbacks, and My Updated Style.  

I am going to finish up this post, and then create a new post on Life as a 2nd Grader 🙂

My life lately has been full of writing lesson plans, being critiqued while teaching, working, and trying to organize/clean my home.  I am taking 18 hours this semester…4 mornings a week I am at a local Elementary school teaching (along with the classroom teacher) for 3 hours each day.  This semester has been the first time since I started the education program at Iowa where I feel as if I am a real teacher.  Each day I wake up thankful for the life changing decision I made a few years ago to go back to school.  Before I was accepted into the program my nerves were out of control.  My emotions were changing from happy to sad to confused daily.  I wasn’t happy with my career, correction I didn’t have a career at this time, I had a job to pay the bills.  Then I received my notification that I was going back to school.  And so my life finally felt as if it was complete.  And now I am working on my educational experience better each day I wake up and walk out the door to go to class.

What is one change that you have made in the past that has changed your life??

Until again,



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